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Who Knows What We're Talking About? is the game show Two watches in the episode "Splitting Hairs". It is hosted by Fleabit Blather, who looks like Bob Barker.

Contestants Edit

It is known that, at one point, the show had an "Animal Contestant Week", during which Stinky (a very foul-smelling dog) was on the show.

In the episode "Splitting Hairs", Two was a contestant on the show.

Trivia Edit

  • The show seems to be a combination of The Price Is Right and Jeopardy The host looks a little bit like Bob Barker.
  • To qualify as a contestant, the person must send in a postcard with their name and address to the studio where the show is filmed. If the person's number is drawn, they then must answer a skill testing question. If they answer the question correctly, then they're the next contestant on Who Knows What We're Talking About.
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