Two is the second of his siblings, and can sometimes stick his nose where it doesn't belong but he cares for his brothers and sisters. He is the only monster in his family with a long nose.

Two is voiced by Colin Mochrie, the husband of Debra McGrath who voiced Mama. Mochrie was best known for his role in Whose Line Is it Anyway? Colin Mochrie also plays Bud Chuckles and Oscar in George and Martha.

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Mom (her real name is not mentioned on the show), 2 sisters (One and Six) and 4 brothers (Three, Four, Five and Seven)


Mary, and some of Mary's friends


Two is a tengu-like monster and has a long nose and can smell things from far away. He has brown hair and, like his brother Seven, has white, furless skin, save for the hair on their heads. Two wears a brown long sleeved shirt with buttons and has arm cups with the number 2 around both of his sleeves, along with green pants and brown slipper-like shoes.


Although Two is a helpful monster and uses his nose to lift his mother up to reach high places; he can be troublesome at times. His mother would tell him that he looks like his father even though his father is barely in the show and is never seen. He sometimes has a habit of taking things too literally.

In "Nightmare on Chestnut Street", it is revealed that Two's greatest fear is that when he doesn't have a nose at all.

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