Three Puts On A Magic Show is an episode of the Seven Little Monsters reboot

Plot Edit

Three has a dream of himself doing a magic show and is the best magician to ever be but when he wakes up. he acts all surprised as his dream gives him the idea of putting on a magic show for everyone to make money but he realizes that he's not a very good magician as he fails his magic tricks with the audience throwing food at him and feeling embarrassed he blames himself for the bad stuff he did, Three begins to cry and quits being a magician as he runs in the house, Mom comes in and talks to him saying that he did very well out there but he's worried that he might embarrass himself again but Mom tells him never to give up on his job and to keep trying. The audience finally applauds Three for not failing at his magic tricks this time.

Trivia Edit

  • Today, Three is: The Great Threedini returns in this episode from Please Mr. Postman and he's wearing his normal clothes as he's just wearing a hat and a cape.
  • Three tries his best to become a great magician.
  • When Three stinks at being a magician and failing his magic tricks, this is the same as when Seven stinks at soccer in Fair Play.
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