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Four and Five have several arguments which escalates into the two formerly inseperable monsters deciding they do not want to speak to each other anymore. Fortunately the ever wise Mama finds a solution by making Four and Five clean the shed. It isn't long before the two are up to their old selves and are laughing at each other's antics

Trivia Edit

  • Three is Threegis Clothespin. He is an emcee. He is a parody of Regis Philbin. His voice sounds a little bit like Don Adams.
  • This is believed to be the last episode made before Seven Little Monsters was cancelled.
  • At the dining room table where Four and Five are still fighting and everyone eating breakfast, Three is normal wearing regular clothes.
  • Four wanted maple syrup on his pancakes until Five drinks all of it but there's already maple syrup on his pancakes which Four already has on them.

Quotes: Edit

Three: I'm going to show you two how to reconcile to one another.

Five: Huh?

Four: What do you mean reconcile, Three?

Three: It means that you make amends and apologize to one another after the silent treatment.

Four and Five: Oh!

Three: That's right, apologize now.

Four and Five: Fine!

Five: Six and One are having.

Three and Four: Well?

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