The Whole Tooth
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"The Whole Tooth" is the 17th episode of Seven Little Monsters.


Six is mortified to learn before a big ballet recital she is losing a baby tooth. She tries to save the tooth with the help of her six siblings, but it's no use. She says that if she would be the swan than the ugly duckling. After Mom tells Six the story of the Tooth Dwarves, and when she lies down in bed, Six starts to cry first before Mom tells the story. Six learns everyone loses teeth and that the show must go on!

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • Three is a doctor again in this episode. His voice is a mix between Groucho Marx and Jon Lovitz.
  • In one scene Dr. Three pulls out a steak from Six's mouth and tosses it. The next scene where Five grabs the steak with his mouth and eats it much to the disgust of the other monsters was cut out.


  • Three: Call me crazy, Six, but it looks like your tooth needs fixing.
  • Six: What does that mean, Dr. Three?
  • Three: It means your tooth is almost loose!
  • Six: Oh, right.
  • Three: Now let me fix your teeth.
  • Six covers her mouth and shakes her head.
  • Three: Oh, you mean no no no.

Six nods her head

  • Three: Oh, that means yes, yes, yes.
  • Six: Try as you may, Dr. Three. But you will never take out my loose tooth.
  • Three: I will fix your teeth.
  • Six: But don't try to hurt me.
  • Three: I won't hurt you, Six.
  • Six: I hope you wouldn't.
  • Three: I promise, it won't hurt a bit.
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