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"The Plooky" (officially known as "Plooky") is the 11th episode of Seven Little Monsters.


When Four decides to be a movie director, he orders the rest of the monsters to make a video with him. But, after trying unsuccessfully to bully them into doing action, he learns that simply being nice gets more results.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • Three is a salesmonster in this episode. He sounds like Hunter from Road Rovers, since Hunter's voice was based on actor Don Stark.
  • While the monsters are arguing about who gets to use the camera first, Three is back to wearing his usual clothes. He was mostly wearing a green jacket, a yellow tie and brown pants throughout the episode.
  • The titular Plooky is a magical object that was previously owned by Mama's father. It apparently has special powers as shown in this episode and in the episode "Dinner for Breakfast."


One: Four's been causing trouble. He dirtied up my clean floor!

Three: He wrecked my seminar!

Six: He ruined my best tutus!

Seven: And he made fun of my puppet show!

Four: Hey, Mom, don't look at me? Five did it too.

Five: Who me?

Mom: Oh Four, Five doesn't know better. Why are you such a bad boy being?

Four: I'm sorry, Mom. It's just that I was bored.

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