The Mystery of the Missing Five
The mystery of the missing five

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"The Mystery of the Missing Five" is the 3rd episode of Seven Little Monsters.


Irascible Four has to always look after his little twin brother Five. But, when Five's behaviour includes eating Four's favorite toothpaste and polishing his ankles with Four's favorite toothbrush, Four does the unthinkable when he thinks Five isn't his brother anymore and blurts out that he wishes Five had never been born. Seven tells Four that he hurt Five's feelings. Mama crosses her arms and is very unhappy. Five thinks he's a bad boy and a good boy. When Five seemingly disappears, the Monsters think that Five has gone to the hospital to "Give himself back!" when it makes Four cry. The hunt is on when Four learns that a pesky Five is better than no Five at all. When he cames home crying, he wishes Five hasn't been his brother anymore, and One, Two, Three, Four, Six, and Seven begin to cry. So it's up to One, Two, Three, Four, Six, and Seven to get Five back.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • Three is a detective in this episode. He is a parody of Sherlock Holmes (as said in the episode itself) and speaks with a British accent. He sounds like Sherlock Hemlock from Sesame Street with a bit of Basil from The Great Mouse Detective. He will return in ''Gone but not Four-Gotten''.
  • The parade that the monsters are watching is a circus parade. The circus performers in the parade will be seen again in the episode "Are You My Family?"
  • At the end of the opening sequence on early prints of this episode, the logo reads '' 7 Little Monsters'' instead of '' Seven Little Monsters '' like usual. This was a mistake by the animators of the show. This error was fixed on later prints of the episode
  • It was revealed that Four and Five are twins, as Five was born ten seconds later than Four.


Seven: "You hurt Five's feelings!"
One: "That wasn't very nice, Four!"
Four: "What?! He deserved it!"
Mama: "(Mad, crossing her arms) Four!"
—The monsters and Mama scolding Four
"Five bad boy..."
—Five, Seven Little Monsters

"Ice cream bye-bye...!"
—Five, Seven Little Monsters

Three: What did you say?

Four: I told Five that I don't want him to by my brother anymore.

Three: Anything else?

Four: I wish that he was never born!

Three: Then we should find Five at the hospital.


  • When Three is blowing bubbles from his pipe, Seven speaks with a different sound when saying "Wow!". Also, Four's voice was heard in that same event, although he wasn't in the scene.
  • Two was said to be holding 39 drinks, but really is holding 12. The same goes with One, who held 18 ice cubes instead of 39.
  • When the Monsters were leaving to go look for Five, Three said "We won't be home late." in Two's voice for some reason.
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