The Monsters Museum of Artwork is an episode of the Seven Little Monsters reboot

Plot Edit

The monsters take a visit to the museum and have a tour around looking at masterpieces, paintings and pictures, they even find the Mona Lisa the best painting ever. Upon returning home, everyone wants to make pictures to put up in the museum. However, they get carried away with their artworks, making messes around the house. They have to clean up their messes and in the end, they decide to send in their masterpieces to the kids section at the museum.

Trivia Edit

  • Today, Three is: Master Artist Three who paints pictures but it's not just him as an artist, all the monsters are artists and all of them are in disguises but at the end of the episode, they're themselves including Three back in their normal clothes.
  • This is the first episode featuring the Mona Lisa.
  • Everyone wants to make pictures to put up in the museum.
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