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"The Monster Trash" is the 35th episode of Seven Little Monsters.


Six promises Mom she'll take out the trash this week, but instead she pawns off the chore on the other monsters. They simply stash the garbage bags throughout the house - out of sight, out of mind! When the whole thing blows up, Six must face the consequences of her broken promise to Mom, so then Six starts to cry.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • Three is a mad scientist in this episode. His voice is a mix of Geppetto from Pinocchio and Ed Wynn. He is previously seen in "All the Marbles" but with different clothing.
  • Six mentioned the events of the previous episode, "Gone But Not Four-Gotten", and the season one episode "The Mystery of the Missing Five." Coincidentally, Three was a detective in both episodes.
  • When the bags of garbage blew up due to the heat, the exterior of the house was damaged.


(The trash has blown up.)

Mom: Why is garbage still in house? Somebody is not promise-keeping

Six: And I know. (to the other monsters) You must all be ashamed!

Five: Huh?

Mom: It was to you who I was talking!

Six: Me?

Mom: You promised me that you would be out-taking garbage for one week! And you didn't do it. When I am promising the turnip ice cream for dessert, do I ever break my promise?

Six: No.

Mom: I know that if I am breaking my promise to my dookles, they would be sad.

Six: (cries) I am sorry that I broke my promise Mother. And I am sorry for wasting your time. You probably do not want a garbage covered pixie!

Mary: Oh, Six, you've got it all wrong. Being a Purple Pixie isn't just about being pretty, our club is about lots of other things.

Six: Like what?

Mary: Like helping people out, and being responsible."

Six: That's me. I am totally responsible. (but cries) OH NO! I am not!

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