The Big Store
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"The Big Store" is the 38th episode of Seven Little Monsters.


The whole family is on a shopping trip to a big department store. Six isn't paying attention as Mom gives instructions, and when she gets lost she doesn't know what to do. Finally a security guard reunites the family and Six learns she should always listen carefully to Mom's instructions. Noticing what happened to Four, Six begins to cry about Four.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • GOOF: One of Six's horns turn white for a split second as she is wandering around the store.
  • Three is a secret agent in this episode. He is a parody of Agent 007 (James Bond) as Agent Double O Three. He speaks just like Scottish actor Sean Connery
  • This episode shows that Six has got blue eyes.


Three: Is a mile far, Double Oh Seven! I'm afraid I can't tell you what I'm up to. It's top secret!

Four: Secret agent Three, huh?

Three: That's right. Keep this under your head, Four. The walls have ears.

Three: Confound it, man! Where are the secret lasers? How can I defeat evil if I don't have a secret laser? (his spy watch begins to beep) Oh, time to go. Returning to rendezvous point!

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