The Bad Word is the 2nd episode of the 4th season of Seven Little Monsters


Passing by a construction site, Two overhears a bad word. Repeating it back at home, he enjoys the shocked reactions of his siblings. Mom tells him a story about how bad words upset others and Two resolves to never say the bad word again.


Three is Mr. Manners, an English aristocrat in this episode. He speaks with an uptight British accent.

The bad word is never heard, it was censored, because it was a bad word.

Quotes Edit

Three: I say. Bouncing is simply not done. It's a disastrous activity that is an accident waiting to happen.

Four: Who says so?

Three: I, my dear sir, am Mr. Manners, uptight English aristocrat. Take a look at yourself. Bouncing may lead to calamities.

Four: I don't care! I'm going to bounce all day long!

Six: Me too!

Three: (sighs) People these days.

Three: Oh For Shame For Shame Frightfully Mad Manners

Two: Oh (sound effect bleep)

Three: Bad words are for people who aren't smart enough to use polite ones. Remember that, young man.

Two: Young man? I'm older than you are!

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