The Bad Hop
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"The Bad Hop" is the 36th episode of Seven Little Monsters.


During a baseball game the ball takes a bad hop and hurts One's wing. After a few days rest, One's wing is better, but she's afraid to rejoin the team. A talk with "Trot Along" Three convinces One that she's just got to "get back on that horse" and face her fears.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • Three is a cowboy in this episode, known as Trot Along Three. His voice impersonates John Wayne.


Three: Yee haw! Hi ho, Belinda, away!

Four: Who are you supposed to be today, Three?

Three: I'm Trot Along Three. Famous cowboy of the Wild West.

One: Really?

Three: Uh huh. That hurt you got there. I have a friend who was a rodeo clown. And whenever he had a boo boo, he puts something on it to ease out the pain, Miss One.

One: Yeah. I'll keep that in mind. But first I'll tell mom what to do.

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