The Adventures of Super Three
Super three

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"The Adventures of Super Three" is the 25th episode of Seven Little Monsters.


The Monsters are charged with cleaning the basement but they get a little distracted! They pretend they are living in a world of superheroes and villains and make a bigger mess than when they started. They learn that sometimes it isn't a good idea to get so carried away!

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • Apparently, Three is a superhero in this episode. Three's voice almost sounds the same as Brian Griffin's from Family Guy and Weasel from I Am Weasel. Two is a mild mannered reporter in this sequence.
  • Running Gag: Three keeps calling One his sidekick even though she insists she's not a sidekick.
  • Three appears to be afraid of mice.
  • This episode is the Season 2 finale of Seven Little Monsters.
  • This is the last episode to have a 20-minute length
  • This is the last episode to be animated by Suzhou Hong Yang, as PASI took over for the rest of the series
  • One is One-Girl, Two is a Mild-Mannered Reporter, Three is Super Three, Four is the Scientist, Five is Fi-Gore, Six is a famous ballet dancer, Seven is just himself. 


Four: ONE! You got us locked inside!

One: How do I know that we would get locked in here.

Seven: GOLLY! We are going to miss dinner!

Two: I told you guys that this was going too far! (he notices the basement's now a mess) We were supposed to clean it up and...!

Six: Now we are locked in a missing basement!

Two: No. We're not. We were only pretending that the door was locked. Watch.

(He opens the door and the door flips right open.)

All: TWO! You were right.

(Mom comes to the basement and sees the basement is not cleaned up yet.)

Mom: Well! It seems that my bobolinkas are so busy with their playing forgetting that they are supposed to be cleaning with the basement. Now, there will be no chocolate dumplings until the basement is clean.

Four: Boy! I wish that we could pretend that the basement was all cleaned up.

Everyone sighs.

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