Surf's Up! is a personalized FanFiction story based on Seven Little Monsters.


The monsters are having a beach party for their vacation. They spend the whole day at the beach by surfing, parasailing, singing songs, playing beach ball and more. But when Four surfs out and was swept away by the waves, can the other monsters rescue him on time due to his determination to surf in the storm?


All is well on 1234567 Chestnut Street. The monsters were playing their own favorite sports. One and Two were playing basketball in their backyard. Four and Five played volleyball. Six and Seven played tennis. But Three was nowhere to be seen.

One: Guys? Where's Three? He's supposed to play ball with us today.

Two: That's because Three is preparing his new role for the day, remember?

One: Oh yeah. I forgot!

Four: Who do you think Three is supposed to be today?

Three: Whoa! Hang ten on it, dudes and dudettes! Here I come!

Six: Does that answer your question, Four?

Four: Yes.

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