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"Spooky" is the 10th episode of Seven Little Monsters.


When the power goes out in their house during a storm, the Monsters find themselves scared out of their wits. Four makes the matters worse by trying to spook the others only to find out he is the biggest 'fraidy cat' of all. Pulling together, they learn to be brave and that sharing their feelings is nothing to be afraid of.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • Three is Rod Threeling in this episode. This makes a reference to Rod Serling in the Twilight Zone. He will return in the episode ''A Clean Sweep''.


Four: Cheeseburger.
Two: Cheeseburger?

Six: The worst has finally happened!

One: What is it?

Six: I got the frizzies!!!

Mary: You know, Four, everyone gets scared.
Four: Except you, Mary.
Mary: Nope. Even me. The secret is not to try and hide it. If you tell somebody about it, you might even have fun being scared.
Four: Mary, you're the greatest.
Mary: And you're the grooviest.
Three: As a great man once said, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. (referring to Franklin D. Roosevelt)

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