Splitting Hairs
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"Splitting Hairs" is the 19th episode of Seven Little Monsters.


Two is lacking in confidence prior to appearing as a contestant on his favorite game show. But he learns that with experience and family support that he can acheive his goals by relying on himself.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • Three is an Irish and Scottish sheep herder in this episode. He sounds like Billy Connoly, a Scottish actor.
  • The game show Two is watching is called Who Knows What We're Talking About?
  • This episode throws shade at the fact that Two's voice actor, Colin Mochrie, lost his hair and was comedically called "Captain Hair."
  • This episode is most likely a reference to Colin Mochrie's baldness, and it is also the first episode where we see Two with long hair.
  • When the stamps on Two’s postcard show pictures of the monsters, a stamp was showing a picture of Three normal in his attire.


Would you look at that, Two. Fine sheep hair that's not too messy, laddie.

Two: They are.

Three: As long as they don't shed, that's all.

Two: Does that mean I can still have my hair for the rest of my life?

Three: Aye, it does, me lad. Now listen here, lad, if you want to keep your hair straight, you've got to cut it.

Two: Oh no! Anything but that!

Two: But what if my hair doesn't grow back i could wind up with no hair on my head.

Three: That's not true, laddie. Your hair will grow back soon.

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