Six, is the sixth sibling of her family, she is the ballerina of the group, and she says she is the most beautiful monster. She speaks with a Brooklyn accent.

Six was voiced by Michele Scarabelli.

In the original book by Maurice Sendak, Six's line is "Six sleeps late, but not in bed." It should be noted that Six's appearance changes in the book. Six is represented with a depressed looking version of Five when seen with the other monsters, but different alone. It should be noted that Six is clearly a guy in the original book.

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Mom (her real name is not mention), 1 sister (One) and 5 brothers (Two, Three, Four, Five and Seven)


Mary and her friends


Six is a kijo-like monster with brown fur covering her body except for her face. She has gray horns on the side of her head, reddish-orange hair, and wears a purple tutu and is often seen holding any number of things in her hand, including a star wand and a handle mirror, that have the number 6 on them. She also wears make up.


Six says she is the most beautiful. She likes to dance mostly ballet, but she can sometimes act like a drama queen. She seems to know a lot about beauty stuff and fashion. Six was into fashion and ballet from a very young age, as a baby she wore a smaller purple tutu and had her hair in pigtails, her lips had no colour to them yet and her face was much more rounded, her favourite toy was a pink and white rocking horse that she played with often.

Trivia Edit

Six is the worst character in the entire show. Her voice, character design and personality sucks.

I will literately y e e t her out of existence

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