Seven Little Monsters and the 7D

Seven Monsters and the 7D is the main show of Scarlett Hill (Gamers666girl the Queen of Crimson).

Cast and Crew Edit

Bill Farmer - Doc, Sir Yipsalot, and Evil Three

Scott Menville - Sneezy

Kevin Micheal Richardson - Happy

Maurice LaMarche - Grumpy

Billy West - Bashful and Scary Seven

Stephen Stanton - Sleepy

Dee Bradley Baker - Dopey

Joanne Vannicola - One

Colin Mochrie - Two

Dwayne Hill - Three

Sean Cullen - Four, Five and Seven

Michele Scarabelli - Six

Debra McGarth - Mom

Leigh-Allyn Baker - Queen Delightful and Wicked Six

Jess Harnell - Grim Gloom, Coldhearted Four and Blackish Five

Kelly Osbourne - Hildy Gloom and Evil One

Paul Rugg - Lord Startchbottom "Starchy" and Darkhearted Two

Tara Strong - Mary

Episode List Edit

Episode 1: New Reunion: The Monsters and the Dwarfs met each other again, Doc became partners as Three again as geniuses, as Sneezy saved Two and has the same nose.

Episode 2: Veins on Vain Ice: One and Six are competing in an ice skating show. the girls each joined the cameos of the shows, but Grumpy and Sneezy are both vain to their girls.

Episode 3: Bossy Sneezy: As Doc leads the cameos to the House of Mouse, he leaves Sneezy in charge of the group and his power quickly goes to his head. Grumpy says he will be in charge, as he and Sneezy got into an argument, One comes to help.

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