Seven Gets Sprayed By The Skunk is an episode of the Seven Little Monsters reboot

Plot Edit

Seven and the others go to the park to play and Seven is just playing by himself until he spots a skunk, he takes a closer look at it but when he gets too close to it, the skunk sprays him and gets very stinky, when everyone's calling each other saying that it's time to go home, they can smell something bad but find out it's Seven who's the one that stinks, when they get home Mom can smell Seven sprayed by the skunk and is told to take a bath to clean himself up but after his bath, it doesn't work or get the stink off him as he still stinks and is put to bed anyway no one can sleep because they can't stand the skunk smell.

Trivia Edit

  • Today, Three is: himself for the whole episode because he's worried that Seven might spread the skunk odor to him getting his disguises stinky.
  • Seven tried taking a bath the get the stink off him but it doesn't work, Mom realizes that tomato juice helps get the skunk stink odor off him so he can smell nice and clean again.
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