Seven Baby Monsters is an upcoming animated television series starring the Seven Little Monsters as kids.


The seven monsters live in a large daycare as kids who were watched over by a younger version of Mom. The monster kids have wild imaginations that can take them anywhere they want to go. Sometimes, there are mishaps, but soon, the monster kids learned that they can still accomplish each of their dreams by working together.


One: Jules de Jongh

Two: Samuel Vincent

Three: Trevor Devall

Four: Jules de Jongh

Five: Rob Paulsen

Six: Laurie O'Brien

Seven: Terry Klassen

Trivia: One and Four will have the same voices as Viki and Marco from Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps. They were both played by the same actor.


How Now, Monster Cow?: The monsters are having a fun time at a hoedown at the daycare, but trouble ensues when Belinda the calf goes wild and runs amok into Centreville. Can the monsters bring Belinda back before things get worse?

Sea Monsters, Ahoy!: Four accidentally stumbles into a secret underwater cavern. The monsters found various unwanted treasures down under the sea. They can't wait to show Mom what they found!

Judo Go: Four and Three wanted to learn the art of Judo to protect themselves from bullies. Their training paid off when a sneaky bad monster takes advantage against them.

The Mystery of the Flying Dolphin: Three turns detective when he discovers the case of a dolphin who can fly. But soon, all the monsters began to wonder if the flying dolphin actually exists.

Art Show Catastrophe: One and Three tries to paint a picture of the rest of their brothers and sister, but they all cannot stay still. In the end, One and Three soon discover the power of imagination.

New Year Blues: Four's New Year resolution didn't go as well as he planned. But soon, he learns that becoming a new person in the New Year means that it starts with himself. Mom tells Four about the man in the mirror.

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