Seven is the seventh sibling of his family, he is the tallest of his family, and he has the ability to unscrew is head. Despite his appearance, he is the most gentle of the monsters. Seven's voice can be described as sounding like Boris Karloff, an actor known for playing monster roles in 1930's Hollywood who died in 1969. His most famous role was that of Frankenstein's monster.

Seven, like Four and Five, is voiced by Sean Cullen. Seven has the same voice as Eton from George and Martha.

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Mom (her real name is never mention), 2 sisters (One and Six) and 4 brothers (Two, Three, Four and Five)


Mary and her friends


Seven is a puppet-like monster with white pale skin and with horns, along with his head always coming off (since he has the ability to screw his head on and off), but easily attached back on his body. He wears a light blue and white striped shirt and pants and he has arm cups with the number 7 around both of his sleeves as in his shirt. He also wears black and white sneakers.


Seven is the kindest, careful and sensitive monster, and he loves cheese. He is also frightened by bugs and creepy crawlies, as well as other creatures like him. His brother Four can sometimes scare or bug him just because he is easy to scare. He often asks Three what certain words mean. But, hey, it's good to ask. It's also good to be curious.

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