Runaway Mom

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"Runaway Mom" is the 22nd episode of Seven Little Monsters.


The monsters decided to travel around the world using a hot air balloon, but Mom is angry because she discovers that the monsters decided to make the hot air balloon out of their house.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • Three is an adventurer in this episode, known as Indianpolis Three. He is a parody of Indiana Jones. He speaks with a Cockney accent.
  • Three says that the Monsters will travel around the world in 73 + 7 days, referencing the book "Around the World in 80 Days." (Especially since 73 + 7 = 80)
  • Officer Smith returns in this episode since the Season 1 episode, "Lost and Found", only voiced by a different actor.


Three: If there's any way we can find Mom, it will be Belinda, the bloodcow.

Two: Belinda isn't a bloodhound. She's a cow.

Three: Wait until you see her, Two. Come on, Belinda. Sniff this out.

Belinda: Moo.

Three: Not your shoe, Five.

Five: Sorry.

One: One for the money.

Two: Two for the show.

Three: Three to get ready!

Four: Go, Four. Go!

Officer Smith: Your mom? You're looking for her?

One: That's why we're here.

Officer Smith: Moms, aren't they wonderful? That's why I kept a picture of my mom in this frame.

Officer Smith: Don't worry your seven little monster heads about it. Officer Smith's on the job, even if it takes a lot of work to find your mom.

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