One's Very Bad Mood is an episode of the Seven Little Monsters revival.

Plot Edit

For reasons unknown, One is quite angry. From speaking to others rudely to throwing things, she acts up, Despite being disciplined for the bad behaviour, she doesn't let up anytime soon. Soon, One (and all the monsters) learn that it isn't OK to take out their personal problems on others. Wilderness explorer Three takes her to the Secret Garden to relax and soon, One's heart is replenished and must apologize to everyone.  

Trivia Edit

  • Today, Three is: Three Grylls, wilderness explorer
  • This episode is quite similar to the Arthur episode "DW's Very Bad Mood", as they have similar sounding titles and plot elements. However; unlike the Arthur episode, the cause of One's anger isn't revealed.
  • This is also one of the few episodes of the show to have a pop song in it (the song in question is Charli XCX's "Break the Rules")
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