One, is the oldest of the siblings, and by about 3 seconds as she says to her brother Four. Her age is never mentioned.

One is voiced by Joanne Vannicola. She will be voiced by Miranda Cosgrove in the reboot TV series. In the UK version, she is voiced by Emma Tate.

In the original book by Maurice Sendak, One is introduced with the line: One goes up.

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Mom (her real name is not mention), 1 sister (Six), and 5 brothers (Two, Three, Four, Five and Seven)


Mary, Billy


Neil Morrissey (UK) Joanne Vannicola (US)


She looks to be a piasa-like monster that can fly. She wears a pink hat with the number 1 on it, she's got light orange hair, a pink and white striped tank top and dark pink shorts. She has fur mostly covering her body, except that her legs that appear to be like those from a chicken.


Other than being a little bossy to her siblings, she is a nice person to them and others.  She is a sporty type, and sometimes uses her wings to fly while playing sports or games with her siblings and others. There have been times in which One can be a tad naive. In one episode, she says she thinks she can fly to the moon.

One seems to be a bit of a neat freak as she likes things organized and once had a nightmare about dirty halls.

One also dislikes it when none of her siblings listen to her.

One seems to have a bit of a rivalry with Four as the two of them often argue over who should be in charge. One insists that being the oldest (by a few seconds) makes her a better candidate for leadership.

One is shown to have a love for basketball. She is a tomboy.

Both One and Six kind of have the same colored hair except One's hair is orange and Six's hair is dark orange.