Mom is the Seven Little Monsters' mother who is a retired witch (at least she seems to be). They also have a father who is never seen on screen. Mom is said to come from "the old country", and although it is not ever confirmed, there have been hints that this may mean Russia or some other Eastern European country.   

Mom is voiced by Debra McGrath, the wife of Colin Mochrie who voiced Two.

She has grey hair, she wears a babushka over her head except when she goes to bed. Instead, she wears hair curlers under that circumstance. She wears a blue dress with a white apron and she seems to store a lot of stuff in the one pocket. Despite her being a mom to 7 monsters, she is shorter than them. She has a Polish accent and often with poor sentence structure.

It was shown in some pictures in "The Winning Streak" that Mom used to have a slightly golden blonde hair. Others show red hair, and others show black.


She is very caring to her monsters. She has never explained where the monsters come from, but she complimented Two that he reminded her of his father.

it is possible that mom gave birth to all the monsters but not all at once, it’s been shown around three times the monsters as babies and toddlers, at that time in their age they are much shorter then mom so it is possible that at some point the monsters were the size of normal human babies but grew incredibly quickly.

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