Meet Polly the Rainbow Parrot
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"Meet Polly the Rainbow Parrot" is the 39th episode of Seven Little Monsters. It is the series finale.


Seven gets a parrot named Polly

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

Seven has a pet parrot named Polly. He also has a stuffed tiger toy named Mr. Stripeypants, who was previously mentioned in the episode "A Pony Tale".

Three is a private eye detective in this episode. He sounds like Ed Gardner.

This is the only episode where Six doesn't have any lines.

Out of all the episodes of the series, "Meet Polly the Rainbow Parrot" had the worst reception. Many a TV critic said that "it had none of the charm of 'Losing Sam', the viewer learned nothing, and it took too long to wrap up the main plot" 


Three: I'm a private eye on a mission!"

Three: I'm hungry for justice!

Four: Extraordinary, Three! A private eye on a mission! This I gotta see!

Five: (laughs)

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