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"Lost and Found" is the 13th episode of Seven Little Monsters.


Five finds a wallet in the park. Four and Five find $50 (a $50 bill) and a credit car/debit card too. Four insists that it's his and Five's wallet and whispers to Five about to not tell the other monsters about what they had found. Soon, everyone found out about the wallet and decides that they should look for the wallet's rightful owner. One by one, people from all around the town came to 1234567 Chestnut Street to retrieve the wallet, but none of them said that it was their wallet. Until Mom comes home, a dog exits the house. Three explains to Mom as a lawyer about the missing wallet (found by Five). But Mom suggests that they go to the police station as soon as possible. Soon, a police officer claims that it's his wallet and thanks Five for finding it and being honest. It is later revealed that the police officer had used the wallet to trade the $50 so he could buy a gift for his mother's birthday.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • Three is a lawyer in this episode. His voice sounds like a mix between Charlie Barkin from All Dogs Go to Heaven and Ray Romano. In the first 12 minutes of the episode, Three is wearing his normal attire.
  • This is the last episode to use the original opening sequence, as the rest of the series used a different opening sequence using scenes from certain season one episodes, starting with "Losing Sam".
  • This is the last episode to use the traditional hand-drawn cel animation, as the rest of the series switched over to digital cel animation.


Mom: (as soon as she comes home.) What is it with this dog running in my house? What is being going on here?

All: Nothing.

Mom: Nothing?

All: Nothing.

Mom: Well, maybe "something" is more what I am thinking.

(By that meaning, the monsters said "nothing", and when Mom said "Looks like something is more what I am thinking", she knows they are lying. Because the monsters were really up to something. They did "something" and Mom becomes concerned about this.)

Three: (admits what he did.) Let me explain Mom. Five saw a wallet and decided to share the profits with us. There were $50. But I pointed out that we had to try to find the owner.

One: We put up posters.

Two: We told people to come if they lost the wallet.

Six: But nobody has claimed it.

Three: So now we claimed the wallet and got the money.

(After the monsters broke the law.)

Mom: (to the monsters) My kinderlings are such good people to be thinking with others. But you should've been telling me about the wallet finding you've been done. What you should have been done was taking the wallet to the police. This is the law. This money is not yours.

Three: I cannot be held responsible. I just thought that it was the right thing to do and...! Sorry everybody.

One: We've been breaking the law-AND WE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT!

Seven: Oh no! It is off to the big house for us all!

Mom: Worrying is not helping my bushkees. The wallet we must be taking down to the police station.

Three: I guess you're right.

Officer: Thanks, Five. You got my wallet back!

Five: No problem.

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