Kicked Out is an episode of the All-New Seven Little Monsters

Plot Edit

Due to a new (and quite mean) ballet teacher, Six is kicked out of ballet class. The new teacher smiles devilishly, speaks with an evil accent, gets mad when a student makes a mistake and does the "three strikes yer out" discipline technique. Mom and Dad show her different ways to stand up to mean teachers. Dad makes sarcastic jokes the opposite way around Mom's advice. It turns out that this new teacher will not last forever because her original ballet teacher is on a leave. She must learn to get over the fact that sometimes people don't like her, it takes time to get used to someone new and that even though things may change, it's okay; she just has to do her ballet lessons a different way. Besides, the assistant teacher is still there.  

Trivia Edit Edit

  • Today, Three is: Marco Three-Oh, an explorer but when Six goes back to ballet, he's normal.
  • Six hates her ballet teacher but somehow manages to get back into ballet as she talks back to her teacher and throws her out for being so rude to Six.
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