It's A Wonder-Five Life is an episode of All-New Seven Little Monsters.

Plot Edit

Five wishes not to have any brothers and sisters and wants to have a life of his own making him an only child.

Trivia Edit

  • Today, Three is: himself for the whole episode except he's not seen or appears much in this episode.
  • Star Zero returns and appears as Belinda again talking wearing Six's clothes again, she's still voiced by the same actress Michele Scarabelli who originally voices Six.
  • When Five wishes not to have any siblings, this is the same as when Four wished everyone away in It's a Wonder-Four Life but only this time the episode focuses on Five and finds out what it's like to be him in Five Town without anyone and Belinda is his guide with Star Zero around again.
  • One is still the janitor again at the park, Two is still the TV salesman at the TV store, Three is still the chef at the bakery, Four is now the dog as both him and Five switched places, Five is now an only child in his life, Six is still the dance instructor or teacher, and Seven is still the baker at the bakery from It's a Wonder-Four Life but all their names are Five instead of their actual real names since they're in Five town.
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