Is There a Medic in the House? is an episode of the Seven Little Monsters reboot

Plot Edit

Five is very sick and can't go outside today to play but Four is really upset that he can't play with Five since he doesn't have anyone to play with except his brothers and sisters but he tries very hard to figure out a way to get him outside and to feel better.

Trivia Edit

  • Today, Three is: Doctor Three returns in this episode from Doctor, Doctor! and The Whole Tooth but he's wearing his normal clothes under his disguise.
  • Even though Five is very sick in this episode, he vomits very badly and it's the first episode he does and his vomit is very stinky he even vomits on his brothers and sisters and all over the room.

Quotes Edit

"Five ate 10 pounds chocky chips" - Five

"Wow, how do you even walk and barf at the same time" - One

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