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"I'm Telling" is the 29th episode of Seven Little Monsters.


While planning a backyard camp out, One gets carried away with tattling on her siblings to Mom. She's telling on them for every little thing they do, so the other monsters leave her to camp out all alone. This isn't any fun, and One realizes that you can take 'telling' too far.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • Three is a scout master in this episode. Again, he sounds a little bit like Brian Griffin, who is known in Family Guy. Three's voice sounds the same as it was when he was being Super Three.


Six: What's up with One? She's always telling on us.

Two: She's sticking her nose at everyone's business.

Four: Camping isn't gonna be any fun with her around.

Six: I don't think I wanna camp out tonight.

One: Hey, The tent's up. It looks great.

Four: Well, you can sleep in it if you like. I'm going inside.

Two: Yeah, me too.

Five: Yeah.

One: Why's everyone going in?

Three: They've just witnessed the most troublesome creature of all: The wild tattletale.

One: Well, I'm still camp out and I can have a good time all by myself!

Two: (after seeing One) We thought you were coming to tell on us again.

One: I'm sorry for being such a tattletale, I just did it because no one was listening to me.

Four: What did she say?

Six: Four!

Four: (laughs) Just kidding.

Seven: We should have been paying attention to you, One, sorry.

Five: Sorry.

Two: Sorry.

Four: Sorry.

Six: I'm sorry, One.

Three: Now, who wants to go camping?!

Mom: Ah, finally, some peace and quiet having. (plays her accordion) Yes!

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