Here Comes Eight is a personalized FanFiction story about the seven monsters getting a new sister.


The monsters are getting a big surprise from Mom. They're going to have a sister! Nevertheless, they are quite nervous about the news. Will the seven monsters get along with their new sibling?


The monsters were playing Chutes and Ladders. We see Three wearing his normal clothes and being himself.

One: Come on. Pass it, Four!

Two: Yeah, you're up next.

Four: All right then. (rolls the dice) Yes! Four! That's my kind of number!

Three: Way to go, Four! Make your move.

Four: Ok. 1, 2, 3, 4! I'm almost at the finish line! Your turn Five!

Five: Okey dokey! (puts the dice in his mouth)

Four: Five, you're not suppose to eat the dice!

Five: Sorry!

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