Four is the fourth sibling of his brothers and sisters, He can be mean to his brothers and sisters, except sometimes Five, whom he can protect.

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Mom (her name is not mention), 2 sisters (One and Six) and 4 brothers (Two, Three, Five and Seven)


Mary and her friends

Like Five and Seven, Four is voiced by Sean Cullen.

In the original book by Maurice Sandak Four's Line is "Four eats only tulip trees"


Four has green fur all over his body (save for his feet) and is the only monster with green fur and scales (he is the only monster with scales and the only reptilian monster due to his green color). He wears a yellow t-shirt, a dark purple top hat with the number 4 on it, and has dark yellow eyes. He resembles a prehistoric reptile. He appears to be a crocodile-bull hybrid. His voice sound similar to the late Ernest Borgnine, who voices Carface from All Dogs Go to Heaven, and Mermaid Man from SpongeBob Squarepants.


He is hostile towards all of his siblings except Five. He can sometimes become angry with Five like in "The Mystery of the Missing Five," but he actually loves Five. He likes to pick on his youngest brother Seven by scaring him or just plain annoying him.  He also gets into trouble a lot and can get into fights with One and he doesn't really like her that much because of her being bossy. At times, Four can be a bit of a skeptic particularly when it comes to the plans of his brothers Three and Two, and at times he can be a bit of a bully too often teasing and/or playing practical jokes on his siblings.

Four has a bit of a short temper. Even though he sometimes teases his siblings, he actually cares for all of them and loved them by heart.


I don't see Five in there!

Trivia Edit

Four is most possibility best character in this entire show. First of he's a dragon and a lidi gamer.

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