Five is the fifth of his siblings, He talks unpronounceably, so Four is the only one of his siblings that can define what he said.

Five, like Four and Seven, is voiced by Sean Cullen.

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Mom (her real name is not mentioned), 2 sisters (One and Six) and 4 brothers (Two, Three, Four and Seven)


Mary and her friends


Belinda, Sam (his pet turtle)


Five is a big belly monster with blue fur all over his body, wears light orange overalls with a number 5 on it, has white eyes, and has horns on the top of his head, and has a large blue tongue which he can control in various ways. He appears to be any animal he wants.


He loves to eat a lot, but he can also eat some of Four's food when he is sitting next to Four. He is also a caring monster to his brothers and sisters, but he is really close to Four. Four looks after Five all the time and helps him out as well.

Out of all the monsters, Five is the most animalistic of the monsters. Due to his limited speech it’s believed he is the youngest of the family instead seven is the youngest .

Five is seen as a baby in a episode where Six is losing her first baby tooth, as a infant five is seen being much much smaller, he was very chubby and was wearing only a diaper and drinking out a bottle.

Quotes Edit

Woof, woof. Bye bye.

Won't you be a friend don't lie!

Five want pie!

Seven good.

Take too much garbage.

Sorry. (every time he does a mistake to Four)


Since Seven Little Monsters is the only show on the PBS Kids Bookworm Bunch that focuses on a group of characters rather than just one, it is unknown why Five was chosen to be that main character within the PBS Kids Bookworm bunch advertisements. However, on the website, Seven is in the circle for Seven Little Monsters.

Despite being on the same Saturday morning cartoon block and produced by the same company, Five has a somewhat similar personality to Junior from George Shrinks due to their speech and language development, obnoxious behaviours and brotherly relationships.


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