Crying Time is an episode of the Seven Little Monsters reboot.

Plot Edit

Three is very sad that he begins to cry which makes the others cry too because when he loses all his disguises he wanted to be, he was really excited until he lost what he could find he starts to have some crying time. So Billy cheers him up and shows him all about being a real boy. It's fun until he misses his disguises but uses his humble beginnings he started with to stop Sammy and Cash (the two Greaser teenagers in the neighbourhood that like to mock the monsters for their appearances and abilities) from deflating their new Slip N Slide that Five tried to butter earlier when Seven's head swung loose all around the house like a hockey puck.

Trivia Edit

  • Today, Three is: Normal as Himself for the whole episode because he lost all his disguises, he’s technically not in the mood to be anything anyway since he’s crying a lot in this episode.
  • Seven admits that he took Three’s disguises without asking which makes him cry showing that’s very sorry but Three is still a little upset with him for what he did.
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