Bossy Sneezy is the 3rd episode of Seven Monsters and the 7D.

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Sneezy catches Grumpy for taking the cheese from him. but without any notice, He (Grumpy) argues that He (Sneezy) took the hankies without any rules. Sneezy got very angry at Grumpy for not letting him lead the way, in fact, he yelled that this is the third rule that is broken. He tells the 4D and the Monsters that it is time for bed.

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Drifting Off

Trivia Edit

  • Today Three is: A School Teacher of the group because Sneezy and Grumpy both wanted to be in charge of the teams, and a co-pilot as he, Bashful, Dopey, Happy, and Sleepy wanted to help out Grumpy and Sneezy to be allies again.
  • One comes to help Grumpy and Sneezy for their Argumentative Actions.

Script Edit

To see the script of the episode, Switch here

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