Ahoy, Me Monsters
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"Ahoy, Me Monsters" is the 24th episode of Seven Little Monsters.


A mysterious letter arrives for Pirate Captain Three, instructing him and his monster crew to solve a series of puzzles to find a buried treasure in their own back yard.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • Apparently, Three is a pirate in this episode. He sounds a little bit like Captain Jack Sparrow. He also has a somewhat similar voice to Captain Hook. compared to the first portrayal. Also, unlike his first portrayal (which was in Seven Monsters and a Baby), he does not incorporate his normal clothes into his pirate outfit.
  • In this episode where everyone‘s figuring out and solving the last clue, Three’s got blue eyes but he had green eyes in The Mystery of the Missing Five.
  • This episode technically only focuses on Three. The other episode was And Baby Makes Eight
  • The puzzle game of shape sizes and does not belong with the Monsters then dig the treasure into the sandbox.
  • Food treats in treasure chest will eat for the Monsters and Mom will be back to see the builder.


Six: Three, there's an urgent letter for you! Are you a pirate captain today?

Three: Yo ho! Arr! Aye, missy. Captain Three, that'll be me!

Six: Well this urgent letter is for you.

Three: Urgent and confidential. Which means nobody could read it, but me!

Four: Whatever!

Two: Fat chance!

Three: (in normal voice) Oh, boy! I mean "Arr!"

Three: Pirate treasure hunt! Arr!

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