A Pony Tale
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"A Pony Tale" is the 33rd episode of Seven Little Monsters.


When it is time for the monsters to give some of their old toys away for charity Six does not want to give away her rocking horse Sparkle. When her siblings tell her she has to she decides to run away not wanting to part with the toy. This results in a search around Centerville for Six and her toy rocking horse Sparkle. The other six monsters start to wonder if it was right for them to tell Six she had to give up Sparkle when she wasn't ready, but when events lead up to Six seeing Mary's little cousin Carrey play with Sparkle, Six begins to cry when Sparkle was in the water, so she decides for herself that she is ready to give the toy up by letting Carrey keep it.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • Three is a Shakespearean actor. This episode was the second time he did this persona (the first was "April Fools".)
  • Seven had a stuffed tiger named Mr. Stripey Pants.


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