A Monster's Best Friend
Best friend

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"A Monster's Best Friend" is the 9th episode of Seven Little Monsters.


The monsters decide to buy a puppy but are unprepared as to how much work is put into owning one. In the process they forget about Belinda.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • Three is an Australian crocodile hunter in this episode, Crocodile Three, who will return in the episode ''The Nose Knows''. He is, in one way , a parody of Steve Irwin.
  • There were 2 dogs in this episode: Freddie the Goldador puppy and Rex Jr, a Broholmer/Belgian Malinois mix.
  • This is the last episode to include a "higher than seven" song (the number is 13)


  • G'day, mates! Crocodile Three here. What are you mates doing outdoors? Ah, I see. You've got a cow with you. Let me talk to her.
  • Four: This I gotta see.
  • Three: You can't talk to this here pup. Freddie won't listen to everything I say, mate.
  • One: Maybe you should have asked him to stay.
  • Three: Freddie, bad dog!
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