A Day at the Firehouse

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"A Day at the Firehouse" is the 21st episode of Seven Little Monsters.


Seven teaches everyone about fire safety after his lessons from Chief Lubomir. Number one: Always know how to detect smoke and gas. Number two: When fire is seen, get in an orderly line and walk to the nearest exit. Number three: Get in line and stay in the line in orderly fashion. Number four: Always remain calm. Number five: Don't go in unless the firefighter says it's safe to go back in. Then the monsters skills are put to the test when Two smells real smoke coming from the kitchen.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • Three is Doctor Sigmund Three, a parody of Sigmund Freud, speaking with a German accent. He will portray Doctor Sigmund Three again in "Nightmare on Chestnut Street".
  • Chief Lubomir, the fireman speaks with a little bit of an Italian accent in this episode.
  • A Dalmatian dog named Spot appears in this episode.
  • Cheif Lubomir says that Mama's family knew his family in the old country, hinting that Mama was from a Eurpoean country.


Four: Who are you supposed to be today, Three?"

Three: I am Sigmund Three, German psychiatrist!

Four: Ok, then why don't you describe me in particular?

Seven: Fire?! Where's the fire?

Three: There is nothing to worry about, ja? Fires can be our friends, but they can also be dangerous. Now, Seven. Are you afraid of cheese?

Seven: Well, I like cheese.

Three: It was a trick question, ja?

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